Ads are over !The solution: Affiliation How does affiliation generate revenue from your audience ?

Traditional advertising has reached its limits :

– The audience perceives unsolicited advertising as pollution.
– There is a huge growth in mobile reading ( more than 50% of consultations are now made on mobile phone or tablet computer) which makes advertising even more disruptive.
– The resulting rise in AdBlockers deprives advertising of more than 1/3 of its audience.
– Competition between websites is intense and advertising rates are eroded continuously.

The solution? Affiliation

What is affiliation ?

Today your audience is more and more looking for reliable advices: most of them want to be put in contact with reliable provider who will meet their needs. If possible, to access them with a simple click.

Affiliation is for you a simple evolution: moving from recommendation to a connection.

And it’s not advertising, but a service provided to your audience. A service appreciated by your readers and which will allow you to generate revenues well above those of the traditional advertising.

 How does affiliation generate revenue from your audience ?

Your audience is important. Your readers are loyal and trust you.
With Affikeys, the advice you give them today can help you to get higher and more stable remuneration than with untargeted advertising.

The service of AffiKeys is to set up with you the best affiliate solution for your needs and those of your audience.